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Jason W.

Service Delivery Principal

Jason is a performance oriented Service Delivery Principal, who’s professional career has been centered around intelligence, integrity, & energy.

Those core values have been acquired from a foundation of formal education, learned experiences and natural leadership roles. Jason has the innate ability to look at every challenge as an opportunity to demonstrate and educate to those involved, how to methodically solve problems.

As a life-long technologist, Jason has spent over 30+ years working with technology and developed the skill of translating technical capability into business value. Jason pairs a strong work ethic with unmatched tenacity, to drive results in both a team and project setting. The experiences over the course of his technical career have shaped the leadership style Jason employs and serves as a foundation for conquering challenges in the future.

When not focused on technology, Jason enjoys spending time with his family and discovering new varieties of craft beer.

Jason holds a B.S. – Electrical Engineering degree from NIU and a M.B.A – Purdue University Global.