Citrix Healthcheck Report

Citrix Healthcheck Report

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Elizabeth Morris

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FQDNIPPingUptimeStateDesktopsRegisteredActiveSiteServicesOSFreeSpaceAvgCPUMemUsg Days, 20 Hours, 29 MinutesActive7ControllerReaper ControllerNameCacheRefresh Licensing BrokerReaper RegistrationHardening WorkerNameCacheRefresh AccountNameCacheRefresh PowerPolicy GroupUsage AddressNameResolver RebootScheduleManager RebootCycleManager ScopeNamesRefresh FeatureChecks RemotePC IdleSessionManager OperationalEventsService ConfigurationExport LicenseTypeChanged HQ-VDC8.81182.88

By: Bao Tran

– The purpose of script is to generate a HTML email report to let Citrix admins (or Alchemy TSM for now) know about their Citrix environment each morning when they arrive at work. It’ll highlight issues in red (alert/error) or yellow (warning) and normal status in green
– – we can try converting it to an EXE file with a config text file to parameterize the customer logo, Citrix delivery controller FQDNs, etc
– We’ll keep the script within our TSM team for now
– Attached is the script if you like to play around with it in your lab (please rename to HealthCheck_ver2.txt to .ps1)

If you have a Citrix lab, you can just modify that XAXDHealthCheckConfig.csv then run HealthCheck_ver2.exe. It’ll create a subfolder called HTMLreports and drop in a new HTML file. An email report is also sent out if you have an email server.