Interchange New Partner Award 2017

Alchemy Wins Ivanti New Partner of the Year Award



Houston, TX [June 2017] –Alchemy Technology Group, was recognized as the winner of the “Ivanti New Partner of the Year Award” at the annual Ivanti Interchange 2017 Conference held in Las Vegas in May 2017. This award is presented to the business partner that demonstrates an ongoing commitment to support customers, provide a dedicated focus for selling, and delivering Ivanti sales and technical excellence.  Alchemy Technology Group was recognized for the significant contributions to Ivanti growth and impressive display of passion and expertise to mutual customers.

As a start-up that began operations in late 2016, Alchemy leveraged their knowledge and expertise to provide superior planning, design, implementation, and post-implementation support of Ivanti products. “This is just the beginning, “ said co-founder Travis Graham “This award is an outward display of the genuine relationship and collaborative spirit we have with Ivanti, enabling Alchemy to implement IT solutions that transform customer business results.” For more information, visit

About Alchemy Technology Group

Alchemy Technology Group is an IT advisory, consulting, and reseller firm headquartered in Houston, TX. Their focus is providing IT solutions that help build, achieve, and sustain predictable business results for clients across all industries. In addition to Houston, Alchemy Technology Group has offices in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio, TX; Baton Rouge, LA; New Orleans, LA; Denver, CO; Los Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; and New York City, NY.


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