Alchemy Wins Citrix Award

ALCHEMY TECHNOLOGY GROUP WINS CITRIX COMMERCIAL PARTNER AWARD   Houston, TX [1 February 2018] –Houston, TX-based startup, Alchemy Technology Group, was recognized as the “Commercial Area Partner of 2017” in the US at the annual Citrix Summit held in Anaheim, CA on January 8-9, 2018. This award is presented to the business partner that demonstrates an ongoing commitment to support …

What’s New with Citrix NetScaler 12.0 and NetScaler MAS 12.0 Walkthrough

The CUGC Networking Special Interest Group and Healthcare Special Interest Group did a joint webinar covering NetScaler Use Cases in Healthcare + NetScaler and NMAS 12.0 features. Dan Schlimme covered the Healthcare portion of the webinar and Dave Brett (CTP) and myself covered the 12.0 release with Carsten Bruns (CTA) fielding the audience questions in […]

How to deploy Microsoft Azure MFA User Portal on separate servers in the DMZ

A few years ago I wrote about How to deploy Microsoft Azure MFA & AD Connect with Citrix NetScaler Gateway and mentioned how you should deploy the MFA User Portal and allow your users self service and easy enrollment into the system. I also discussed allowing Azure MFA Authenticator mobile app. The User Portal is […]

Fixing the Microsoft Azure AD Connect User Name or Password is Incorrect Error

I was setting up a new Microsoft Azure AD subscription for someone and came across this issue. Whenever I tried to sign into Azure AD Connect with a Global Administrator account it kept saying the below error message even though I verified the user ID and password were correct: The user name or password is […]

How to rewrite the Client Name in Citrix StoreFront 3.9 using StoreFront SDK

In some companies there may be applications that require the user’s client name (PC name) to be rewritten to something specific for the application to work through XenApp. With StoreFront this can be accomplished using the StoreFront SDK. Simon Frost wrote a great blog post here on how to use the SDK to accomplish this: […]

Cloud Services and Cloud-based Federation with Citrix NetScaler webinar recording

The CUGC Networking SIG Webinar held a User Share webinar covering Cloud Services and Cloud-based Federation with Citrix NetScaler. We covered setting up NetScaler as a single point of authentication against Google, Azure and AD FS, leveraging AAA policies to deliver single sign-on to both XenDesktop and other web applications. It was presented by Networking […]

CUGC Networking SIG and CUGC Houston receive 2016 Citrix CUGCY Awards!

I am so very happy to share that the Citrix User Group Community Networking Special Interest Group (SIG) and the Houston Citrix User Group Community were both recognized and awarded 2016 CUGCY Awards! CUGC Networking SIG The CUGC Networking SIG won a Content Award for the content that was shared with the community over the […]