Technical Solutions Manager

Alchemy’s Technical Solution Manager is an offering that is designed to accelerate IT adoption and return on investment across Enterprise IT environments.

It is the goal of the TSM to operationalize and innovate vendor solutions, build vendor relationships, support organizations current staff, workflows, and end user community. This offering was created to assist management in determining the correct path to take with respect to technology and the process to meet business goals.

We offer a variety of service levels that are designed to be agile and tailored to particular services to meet your organizational needs.

The Alchemy Difference

Delivering value through transformational excellence by:

  • Enabling businesses to optimize multi-vendor solutions and resolve vendor conflict
  • Bridging the gap between customer business and technical requirements
  • Giving access to Alchemy Experts across multiple disciplines and vendors
  •  Driving business growth by transforming underutilized products to value added technology solutions

Alchemy Technology Group proposes a four-stage approach to meet your goals and objectives.

Software Deployment

The Technical Solution Manager will work with stakeholders to define the implications and optimal software deployment schedule


The TSM will create tailored training sessions which focus on product features and bridge the gap between formal training and the customer environment

Vendor Roadmap

Alchemy will ensure that the customer deployment schedules are optimized in relation to vendor(s) release schedules

Stakeholder Awareness & Advocacy

Alchemy’s Technical Solution Manager will drive business growth by transforming your existing infrastructure to value added technology solutions

As a customer of Alchemy’s Technical Solution Manager offering, you will have access to:

Expertise Center

  • Access to Alchemy Experts across multiple disciplines and vendors
  • Enables the ability to optimize multi-vendor solutions and resolve vendor conflict

Competency Center

  • A team comprised of members from relevant IT staff will collaborate to align and optimize return on investment

Change Ratification and Advice

  • Review change management process to ensure that new projects have a positive impact on existing environment

Alchemy can work with you adopt a standard TSM program, or create one specifically to meet your business needs.